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Discover SAN storage on vCenter

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Discover SAN storage on vCenter

By default, Discovery prevents the vCenter probe from returning SAN storage data from a vCenter server, starting with Geneva Patch 6.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, admin

About this task

The VMware - vCenter probe contains a probe parameter called vCenter.getSANStorageInfo that controls Discovery of Storage Area Networks (SAN) storage systems used by vCenter. This parameter is set to false by default to block Discovery from returning SAN data for vCenter. This is done to reduce the size of the payload returned by the VMware - vCenter probe.
Note: With this parameter set to true for vCenters that use SAN storage, payload size might exceed 5MB.

To configure Discovery to return SAN data for vCenter:


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Probes.
  2. Open the VMware - vCenter probe record.
  3. In the Probe Parameters related list, open the record for the vCenter.getSANStorageInfo parameter.
  4. Set the Value field to true.
    Figure 1. Probe parameter setting
  5. Click Update.