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Discovery identifiers

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Discovery identifiers

When Discovery finds a device in your network, it makes an effort to determine if the device already exists in the CMDB.

When Discovery is configured to use identifiers, it launches special identity probes that accumulate identification data for each device and feed that data into the identifiers, which determine the action that Discovery must take for each device. Identifiers accurately determine the identity of the device to prevent the creation of duplicate CIs.

The identifiers determine how to proceed for each device discovered, based on the result state. The identifiers pass the result state for a discovered device back to the identity sensors, which respond appropriately, either by launching additional exploratory probes to continue discovering the device or by taking no further action on the device.

Control how identification processes duplicate CIs

You can control how Discovery handles duplicates using properties installed with Identification and Reconciliation. Use the glide.identification_engine.skip_duplicates and glide.identification_engine.skip_duplicates.threshold properties.

All new instances use identifiers from the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation framework. Upgrades to Geneva still preserve the legacy identifiers, but you can switch to the new identifiers using a property: glide.discovery.use_cmdb_identifiers. You must manually add this property to the System Properties [sys_properties] table and set it to true to use the new identifiers. To preserve functionality in custom legacy identifiers, convert them to the new CMDB identifier rules format before enabling this property. The system does not reconfigure your custom identifiers to the new framework automatically.
Note: When Service Mapping is active, the new identifiers from the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation framework are always used regardless of the property value.