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Schedule a historical collection for an indicator

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Schedule a historical collection for an indicator

This job loads the last 60 days of scores for the indicators and breakdowns for which historic collection is possible.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector or admin


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Jobs.
  2. Open the [PA Incident] Historic Data Collection job.
  3. Go to the Job Parameters section.
  4. Change the Run as, if needed.
  5. Change the Run as tz (time zone), if needed.
  6. Select the Active check box.
  7. Click Update.
    Note: You may want to increase the number of days in the Relative start field. Keep in mind that in ServiceNow instances with a bigger history it will take longer to collect the data. Performance Analytics for Incident Management collects a maximum of 180 days worth of historical data.


When the job is Active, it appears under System Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs, where you can change the time to start the job, if needed.