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Move a dashboard with an update set

Move a dashboard with an update set

Dashboard tabs are not automatically transferred in update sets. You must manually add the tab content to the update set and associate that content with a new tab on the target instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Inspect the HTML element for one of the dashboard tabs.
  3. Find the element containing sysparm_view=pa_.

    Record the value following sysparm_view=, such as pa_incident_overview. This is the View of the dashboard portal page record.

  4. Navigate to Homepage Admin > Pages.
  5. Find the portal page record with the View value you previously recorded.
  6. Right-click the record and select Unload Portal Page.

    The page is added to the current update set.

  7. Move the update set to another instance using standard update set functionality.
  8. In the target instance, navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  9. Select the dashboard you want to add the tab to.
  10. Add a new tab to the dashboard.
  11. Enter pa_dashboards.list in the navigation filter.
  12. Select the dashboard that you added the tab to.
  13. In the Dashboard Tabs related list, select the new tab.
    Note: You may need to configure the form to add the Dashboard Tabs->Dashboard related list.
  14. Open the Tab record.
  15. Change the Page value to the portal page that you moved in the update set.
  16. Save the tab record.