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Define a breakdown source

Define a breakdown source

A breakdown source defines what elements the breakdown should contain.

About this task

Breakdown sources are based on a facts table that provides breakdown elements, which are the individual components of the breakdown. For example, a breakdown source might be a choice list or a number of conditions to further optimize the element list. A breakdown source can be shared by multiple indicators.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Breakdown Sources.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Name Descriptive name of the breakdown source. For example, Incidents by Category.
    Description A more detailed description of what the breakdown source does and its purpose.
    Security type Whether to exclude (Blacklist) or include (WhiteList) breakdown source elements by role based on element security lists.
    Facts table The facts table the breakdown source is based on. For example, if it is based on a choice list, select Choice [sys_choice].
    Field Select a field for the facts table. Usually the Sys ID.
    Conditions Conditions for optimizing the element list. For example:

    [Table] [is] [Incident] and

    [Element] [is] [Category] and

    [Language] [is] [en] and

    [Inactive] [is] [false] or

    [Inactive] [is] [empty]

    Label for unmatched The label to use if an empty value is detected during data collection. The default label is Unmatched.
  4. Click Submit.


Any records that match the conditions are shown immediately after you submit the form. If you click a matching record, the result should look like this:
Matching records breakdown source


Example of a breakdown source:
Creating breakdown source example