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Define an indicator source

Define an indicator source

An indicator source is a source record that identifies a table or view of interest and a set of conditions for which to gather data.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector or admin


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Indicator Sources.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name by which you can easily see what the indicator source is used for.
    For example, Incidents.Open.
  4. (Optional) Enter a more detailed description.
    For example, Daily collection open incidents.
  5. In the Valid for Frequency field, select the interval at which the data for the indicator source must be collected, such as Daily, Weekly, or Bi-weekly.
  6. Select the Facts table that the indicator source is based on.
    For example, Incident [incident].
  7. Add Conditions that must be fulfilled before data is included in the subset.
    For example, [Active] [is] [true] or [Created] [at or before] [date]. Date fields are often used in conditions for time stamping. Any records that match the conditions are shown immediately.

    Conditions should contain high level criteria here because this is meant to extract a large record set. Use the indicator advanced filters to go deeper into the data.

  8. Click Submit.
    Create indicator sources


The following settings create an indicator source that collects new incidents daily:
  • Name: Incidents.New
  • Frequency:Daily
  • Facts table:Incident [incident]
  • Condition:[Opened] [on] [Today]
Consider job collection parameters that include these settings:
  • Operator: Relative
  • Relative start :60
  • Relative start interval: days ago

In this case, the job collects scores up to 60 days from today's date, even though the indicator source is set to Today.