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Create a Performance Analytics threshold

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Create a Performance Analytics threshold

Thresholds are used to implement exception reporting for indicators, breakdowns, and time series.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin

About this task

You can set boundaries that define normal behavior so you get a warning when something abnormal occurs. Thresholds can be set for any indicator in combination with a time series and/or elements of a breakdown. After a threshold is activated, the system generates a message and posts it to email. This message is associated to the indicator and the message is directly available via the detailed scorecard.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Thresholds.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Indicator you want to set the threshold for.
  4. (Optional) Select a Breakdown.

    Use this if the threshold should apply to a specific breakdown. For example, when the number of Priority 1 incidents rises above a predefined value. First select the breakdown, then select the element you want to apply the threshold to. To set the same threshold for all breakdown elements, leave the element field blank.

  5. [Optional] Select a Time Series.
    Use this, for example, if you want to get a warning when the sum of Priority 1 incidents in a specific time period rises above a predefined value.
  6. Define a condition.
    A condition can be more than a specific value, less than a specific value, an all time high, or an all time low.
  7. Enter a Value if the condition is More than or Less than.
    When the threshold is met, an email message is generated.
  8. (Optional) Select the Create score notes check box if you want the message to be added as a note for the score.
  9. Select the Active check box to activate the threshold.
  10. Click Submit.