Create a score widget

Create a score widget to display an aggregate score.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user


  1. In the Type field of the Widget Configuration form, select Score.
  2. In the Visualization field, select the appropriate option.
    Latest Score Shows the latest score of an indicator as a dial.
    Speedometer Shows the performance of a single indicator in the form of a meter.
    Dial Shows a dial for an indicator. This is similar to a regular speedometer, but it shows a round meter where the part in which scores are shown is filled out with a color.
    Real-time Score Shows the current score as well as the historical score as a line.
  3. If you select Latest score or Real-time Score, select a display Template. Select Template 1 to use the legacy look and feel, or Template 2 to use an updated look and feel.
    Real time scores using each template style
  4. Select an Indicator, for example, Resolved incidents.
  5. Select the Breakdown to show a chart for a specific breakdown element, for example, Category.
  6. Select the Element to show if Breakdown is selected, for example, Software. If you do not select an Element, the widget uses the unmatched breakdown element.
  7. Select the 2nd Breakdown to show a chart for a second level breakdown element, for example, Priority.
  8. Select the Element to show for the second breakdown, for example, 1 - Critical. If you do not select an Element, the widget uses the unmatched breakdown element.
  9. Select a Time series .

    A Time series applies a mathematical aggregation to the widget's data for a specific time period. For example, you can display the average yearly score or a weekly sum. You can select only time series that are available for the widget's indicator. A plus sign (+) at the end of the time series indicates that scores for a partially completed period will be included.

  10. Select Follow element if the scores chart should show the selected breakdown, rather than the general scores for the indicator.
  11. If Follow element is selected, select a breakdown to follow in the Followed breakdown field. The parent breakdown and excluded breakdowns are not shown in the selection.
  12. If you selected Latest Score in the Visualization field, select a Compare score with option.
    Choices are:
    • Previous Score: compares the score with the score from the previous data collection.
    • Periods Back: compares the score with the Number of periods back entered. For example, if you enter 3, the score is compared with the score that was retrieved three months ago.
  13. If you selected Speedometer in the Visualization field, select the Auto scale check box if you want to have the start and end values for the dial automatically determined, depending on the data.
    For example, if four P1 incidents are collected, the scale runs from zero to six. If Auto scale is not selected, you have to enter the start value in From and the end value in To.
    After submitting the widget, you can reopen the Widget Configuration form and use the Widget Indicators related list to add more indicators for this widget.