Create a list widget

Create a list widget to display scores as a list.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user


  1. In the Type field of the Widget Configuration form, select List.
  2. In the Visualization field, select the visualization you want to use to display the data.
  3. In the Sort on field, select either by Value, Name or Custom order as the sort sequence for scorecards.
  4. In the Sort direction field, select Ascending or Descending.
  5. Select a Time series.

    A Time series applies a mathematical aggregation to the widget's data for a specific time period. For example, you can display the average yearly score or a weekly sum. You can select only time series that are available for the widget's indicator. A plus sign (+) at the end of the time series indicates that scores for a partially completed period will be included.

  6. Select an Indicator group, for example, incident open. In the Widget Configurations search, you can search for Indicator group.
    All indicators with this indicator group will be included in the list.
  7. Select Follow element if the list chart should show the selected breakdown, rather than the general scores for the indicator.
  8. If Follow element is selected, choose which specific breakdown to follow in Followed breakdown.
  9. In the Display Settings section, select what the list should look like on the dashboard.
    Choices are:
    • Scorecard options: Select All scorecards, scorecards marked Key, or Favorite scorecards to show the selected scorecards on the dashboard.
    • Page size: Select the number of rows shown on the list scorecard: 5, 10, 15 or 20.
    • Filter: Filter the scorecard list for Best Performing, Worst Performing, Improved, Declined, or Deteriorated. Only indicator scores that match the filter are shown.

    The Filter field is available only if you selected Scorecard in the Visualization field.

  10. Select columns to display.

    The Column Settings section is shown only if you selected Scorecard in the Visualization field.

    Table 1. Column settings check box descriptions
    Column name Description
    Current score The score from the latest data collection.
    Trend Shows the direction that the indicator is moving. The trend is shown in a mini-chart on the dashboard.
    Bullet chart This option is only visible if the widget has a defined target. The grey tones of the bullet are the boundaries of the target colors. For less is better indicators the color coding moves from light to dark. A light color is acceptable, a dark color is unacceptable. For more is better indicators the color coding moves from dark to light. The target is always represented by a red horizontal line.
    Multiple scores Adds additonal scores to the scorecard. Select the number of additional scores to display in Number of periods. Select the length of each period in Period step. If Current Score is also selected, the Score column is counted as the most recent period and N-1 periods are added.
    Change Displays the change in value from the previous score.
    Change % Displays the percentage change from the previous score.
    Target Displays the target for the indicator if a target has been defined.
    Gap Displays the difference between the current and the target scores. Gap can be either positive (moving towards the target) or negative (moving away from the target).
    Gap % Displays the percentage difference between the current and target scores. Gap % can be either positive (moving towards the target) or negative (moving away from the target).