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Predefined dashboards

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Predefined dashboards

Performance Analytics dashboards show the most relevant indicators for specific users or groups.

Performance Analytics for Incident Management includes the following dashboards.

  • An Incident Management dashboard containing the following tabs:
    • Incident Overview, contains an area compare chart.
    • Incident Open
    • Incident New
    • Incident Resolved
  • An Incident daily - 7d - 28d dashboard. This is a dynamic dashboard that allows you to choose an assignment group. The dashboard contains the following tabs that reflect information for the selected assignment group:
    • By Group daily
    • By Group 7d running
    • By Group 28d running
From the detailed scorecard, all daily measurements can be rolled up and analyzed with the following time series filters:
  • 7 - 28 - 30 days running SUM & AVG
  • Weekly - monthly - quarterly SUM/AVG