Performance Analytics collections cleanup

Performance Analytics scores and snapshots may grow over the course of time, so a scheduled job cleans these tables up daily.

The Clean PA collections scheduled job is active by default. An administrator can view and modify this scheduled job.

The table cleaner carries out deletion according to ServiceNow best practices, so there is no impact on performance. By default, the job runs daily so it only has to delete a relatively small amount of data.

These system properties determine how long data is retained.
Table 1. Performance Analytics collection cleaning properties
Property name Property Label Default value Maximum number of days the scores will be kept before being deleted 1826 (5 years) Maximum number of days the lists of records related to a score will be kept before being deleted 365
Note: The table attributes nibble_size and nibble_sleep affect the behavior of the collection cleaner job if these attributes are defined for the Scores or Snapshots tables.