Context-sensitive analytics example

Performance Analytics includes an optional example feature that allows you to view contextual analytics based on an incident.

To use this functionality, you must activate the Performance Analytics - Example Context Sensitive Analytics for Incident plugin.

After activating the plugin, context sensitive buttons appear on the Incident form. Click the Context Sensitive Analytics on Category or Context Sensitive Analytics on Group buttons to view the Context Sensitive Analytics - Incidents dashboard broken down by the category or group from the current incident.

You can use these buttons as a template for creating your own context-sensitive analytics. Each button is defined in a UI action record. Copy the UI action and modify the Script field. The showPAGroup() function specifies the URL of the dashboard to display and the properties of the popup window such as the size and title. The selected breakdown element is determined based on the current record using the g_form.getValue('<field_name>') function. The jQuery function defines the button appearance. You can update this function to define a new button, or remove this function and use one of the standard UI action control types, such as Form button.