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Create or edit a report

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Create or edit a report

Create a report to visualize and analyze current instance data.

About this task


  1. Do one of the following steps:
    Create a new report Navigate to Reports > Create New.
    Edit an existing report Navigate to Reports > View / Run and click the edit icon (The edit icon) beside the report name.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
  3. Click Save.

    The report is generated.

    Note: For details on creating a specific report type, see Report types for information about that report type.

Report options

Use the report options menu above any report to manage the report. For example, you can save, share, publish, or export the report. All reporting options are described in following table.

Note: Some options appear in this menu before you save a report. All of the options available to you will appear after you save the report.
Figure 1. Report options Save menu
Report options save menu
Report options vary depending on the role of the user working with the report. For more information, see Reporting roles.
Table 1. Report Options
Name Description
Run Creates the report according to the information in the form.
Save Saves any changes to the form and leaves the form open.
Update Saves any changes to the form and returns to the report list.
Insert Duplicates a report record and inserts it into the report list. Use this option to create a new report quickly by changing a few values in an existing report. Be sure to give the new report a unique name.
Insert and Stay Duplicates the report record, inserts it into the Reports list, and opens the new report. Use this option to create a new report quickly by changing a few values in an existing report. Be sure to give the new report a unique name.
Publish Creates a URL for the report and displays the address above the report form. You can create an email notification with this URL and email the link to people who want to see the report.
Delete Deletes the current report.
Schedule Creates a schedule for running the current report. You cannot schedule Calendar reports. See Schedule a report.
Make Gauge Creates a gauge using the current report that can be added to homepages. This option is not available if a gauge has already been created for the report.
Add to Dashboard Adds the current report to a selected homepage or dashboard as a gauge. Adding gauges to dashboards is only enabled If Performance Analytics premium is activated. See Add a report to a homepage or dashboard.
Note: Users can add reports to any homepage they can view. Users who do not have edit rights to a homepage create new homepages with the added information when they modify a homepage that they don't own.
Sharing Enables you to change the sharing settings of the report. See Share a report with a group.
Export Settings Enables you to change the export settings.
Export to PDF Generate a PDF of the report that you can download or email. This option is not available for calendar reports
Note: Drilldown reports do not export to PDF. If you select Export to PDF on a drilldown, a PDF of the top-level report is generated.
Report Drilldown Add configurations for navigating through the report. See Drilling down within reports.
Save as report source Opens the Create new Report Source window in which you can save the report conditions as a report source that can be reused for other reports.
Report history Displays general and statistical information for the report. General information includes the base table, type, creator, users, groups, and last modification date of the report. Statistical information includes when the report was last run, the number of runs, and run time.

Scoped reports

When editing a report from a different application scope than the current scope, actions modifying the original report are unavailable.

To modify the original report, change the current application scope to the report's scope and make any changes.

The following actions are available from the Report Options menu after opening a report from a different application scope in the report builder. Other actions, such as Update are not available.
  • Insert
  • Insert and Stay
  • Schedule
  • Add to Dashboard
  • Export to PDF
  • Report History
Figure 2. Report options Save menu
Report options menu for scoped applications

You can create a new report based on an existing report, but within the current application scope using the Insert or Insert and Stay options.

See Application scope.