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Configure a report for multiple grouping and stacking choices

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Configure a report for multiple grouping and stacking choices

You can configure a report to let users adjust the chart grouping and stacking without modifying the report record.

Before you begin

Role required: itil

You must have Performance Analytics premium to use this functionality.

About this task

Configure alternative Group by and Stacked by choices that users can select when viewing the chart. Additional group bys can be added to any report that supports group bys (such as bar or pie) and to list reports as columns. When you configure an additional group by to a bar or horizontal bar, it is also added as an additional stack by. You can add variables and variable groups as additional group bys.

Note: Additional Group by values you select also appear in the Stack by choice list. As a result, date/time fields may appear in the Stack by choice list in generated reports. However, if you stack by a date/time field in a generated report, an error occurs.


  1. Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
  2. Select a report.
  3. Select a Group by field.
  4. (Optional) Select a Stacked by field used to show the relationship of individual items from the selected field to the whole. For example, group a bar chart of incidents by Category and stack by Priority. The viewer can then determine at a glance the proportion of high, medium, and low priority issues for each category.
    Users viewing the report can select one of these fields to group or stack the report data. The report Group by and Stacked by field values are the default choices.
    Note: Only bar and horizontal bar reports use stacked data. Other report types allow only grouping.
  5. Arrange the fields in the Selected column in the order you want them to appear to users.
  6. Click Close.
  7. In the report builder, click Save.