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Generate custom report data

Generate custom report data

Generate data for a custom report.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Custom Charts.
  2. Select an existing chart or create a new one.
  3. In the Custom Chart form, click New in the Uses Generator related list.

    The Scheduled Report Summary Generation form appears.

    Scheduled Report Summary Generation form
  4. Use this form to run the script that creates the summary lines of data used by the chart.
    The data generation form has the following characteristics:
    • A custom chart generator can be scheduled to run at the times desired to ensure that the data being rendered in the chart is up to date.
    • The reference to the Summary Set table shows the data that was last produced by this generator. This data is used when the chart is rendered.
  5. Click Execute Now to execute the generation script.
    Warning: Configure the generator so that each time it runs and produces a new summary set, it deletes the previous summary set or gives an expiration date to the previous summary set.