Report summary line table

The report summary line table.

Table 1. Report Summary Line Table
Field Description
Summary The reference to the summary set to which this detail line applies.
Sequence The order in which the values are read during chart generation.
Level Zero (0) if there is a single level of grouping. If multiple levels of grouping exist, then the level increases with each group (category stacked by priority would represent two levels). Currently, only two levels are supported by the standard charting code. Custom charts can use this to any level desired.
Category Raw data value from the database associated with this line item.
Name Display value that corresponds with the category value.
Value Aggregation value associated with this entry (COUNT of incidents in this category for example).
Color Color that should be used to display this entry.
Percent Percent that this entry represents within its group of values.
Query Text Query that is necessary to get the data from the database that generated this detail item.

After creating the data generators, create the rendering script that uses the data generated in this task to render the chart.