Drilling down within reports

You can drill down within a report to visualize a subset of its data. For example, you can click on the critical section of a report sorted by priority to view the categories of those critical incidents.

For reports with a defined drilldown, click on a portion of the chart to display a subset of data. The subset may use a different chart type. In the example, the user clicks on the critical incidents in a bar chart to reveal the categories of critical incidents in a semi-donut chart.
Figure 1. Drilldown example
Drilldown example with two report types
All report types except for list, histogram, calendar, control, box, and trendbox support drilling down. Drilling down is not available on reports added to forms, and charts embedded as iframes. You can define any number of drilldown levels for a report.
Note: Drilldown reports do not export to PDF. If you select Export to PDF on a drilldown, a PDF of the top level report is generated.