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SLA Logging properties

SLA Logging properties

Administrators can configure SLA logging using SLA properties.

Navigate to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Logging to view SLA logging properties.

The Logging level for... properties set logging levels for relevant script includes. This allows you to activate extra logging targeted at whenever that script include is invoked via a task SLA. For example, if you know of an issue with the TaskSLAworkflow script include, you can use the com.snc.sla.workflow.log property to enable logging on that script include. These properties are all set to Notice level by default.
Table 1. SLA Logging Properties
SLA Logging Property Description
com.snc.sla.task_sla_controller.log Logging level for TaskSLAController
com.snc.sla.task_sla.log Logging level for TaskSLA
com.snc.sla.condition.log Logging level for SLAConditionBase
com.snc.sla.workflow.log Logging level for TaskSLAworkflow
com.snc.sla.calculatorng.log Logging level for SLACalculatorNG Logging level for SLARepair (SLA repair must be enabled to use this)
com.snc.sla.log.destination Logging output destination.

Select the log destination: either output to both the Database and node logs (the default), or output to node logs only.

Database and node logs (gs.log) are visible as system logs from ServiceNow, node logs (gs.print) only appear in log files.

Logging levels

The following logging levels are available for the Logging level for... properties:

Table 2. Logging Levels
Level Name Description
Emerg Emergency Total failure.
Alert Alert System corruption of a database, for example.
Crit Critical Typically used for hardware errors, for example.
Err Errors Errors
Warning Warnings Warnings
Notice Notice Possible action required but not essential.
Info Informative No action required.
Debug Debugging Generally not used except for capturing everything for fault-finding.
Note: By default, logging levels are set to Notice