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Workflows for SLA considerations

Workflows for SLA considerations

As you configure a workflow for SLA, make sure you do the following.

  • Create a workflow field for workflow stages
  • Avoid updating tasks from the workflow
  • Include a repair path in every workflow

Create a workflow field for workflow stages

Create a new Workflow type field to contain the workflow stage for an SLA workflow. If you want the Task SLA record to show the current stage of the workflow, you must create a new Workflow type field on the Task SLA table.

When you create a workflow for the Task SLA table, the If condition matches and Condition fields are not visible because the SLA engine controls when a workflow is triggered for a Task SLA record.
Note: Do not use the existing Stage field on task SLAs because this field is maintained by the SLA engine.

Avoid using workflow to update a task

Ensure that a task is never updated within the workflow. When a task record for an SLA is updated within the workflow, the business rules for the task record cause the SLA engine to process the SLA again. This may cause the workflow to enter into a recursive loop.

Include a repair path in every workflow

Ensure that a repair path is included in every workflow so that each time a task SLA record needs to be repaired, it follows a repair path until the repair process is complete.

The Default SLA Repair workflow provides a basic default repair path.