Service Desk

The ServiceNow platform includes a default homepage and a Service Desk application to provide a basic set of service desk functions.

Both of these can be customized to suit the processes you are involved in and the needs of the organization.

Figure 1. ITIL Homepage

The ITIL Homepage provides commonly used reports that give an overview of the processes you are involved in. Access the ITIL Homepage from the homepage icon on the edge (UI15) or favorites tab (UI16).

By default, the ITIL Homepage includes the following reports.
  • Users by location: a pie chart displaying users divided by location.
  • Open Items by Escalation: tasks with an open state, grouped by escalation.
  • My Groups Work: outstanding work for your group.
  • My Work: your outstanding work.
  • ITIL Summary Counts: tasks that are critical, overdue, and over a week old.

Because these reports link directly to the appropriate records and tables, you can use the work queues and the reports on critical tasks to manage your work directly from the homepage.