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Use service catalog renderers

Use service catalog renderers

Renderers define a specific look and feel for a catalog or category.

About this task

Administrators and catalog administrators can use renderers to control:
  • How catalogs appear on the multi-catalog homepage.
  • How categories appear on a catalog homepage.

Administrators and catalog administrators can apply renderers to catalogs and categories.

Administrators can create or modify renderers.

You can apply renderers to catalogs and categories.

To select a renderer for a catalog:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalogs.
  2. Click Add Catalogs.
  3. Select a catalog in the middle panel of the pop-up window.
    Service Catalog Multi-Catalog Home Page Arrange
  4. Select a renderer from the list displayed in the right-hand panel, for example Title Only.
  5. Click Close to save the catalog with the renderer settings you defined.
    The following default catalog renderer schemes are available:
    • All Details: shows desktop image, title, and categories.
    • Title and Image: shows title and desktop image.
    • Title Only: shows title only.
    • Image Only: shows desktop image only.