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Execution plan approval tasks

Execution plan approval tasks

Approval tasks are specific types of tasks within execution plans.

About this task

If an approval task is rejected, the execution plan can roll back to a previous task.

To set up an approval task including a rollback action:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Execution Plans.
  2. Select an execution plan.
  3. From the Execution Plan Tasks related list, select New Approval to create the approval task.
  4. Fill in the fields for that approval task.
  5. Use the Upon reject field to define the action to take if the task is rejected:
    • Cancel all future Tasks: [default] cancels all future tasks in the execution plan and also cancels the parent request item.
    • Go to a previous Task: displays the Rejection goto field where you can select which task this execution plan should roll back to.
  6. Save the task, then scroll down to the Approved By list and select one or more approvers for the tasks.

    You can also use an Approval script to select approvers.

  7. Select Update to add the task to the execution plan.

    This example shows how the process works in practice, using a request to order a Blackberry phone.

    First, the request is ordered:
    Rollback 1
    Next, complete the first two steps, which leads to the approval task.
    Rollback 2
    Reject the request to roll back the execution plan to a previous task, and reset any intermediate tasks to pending:
    Rollback 3
    After a plan has been rolled back, ServiceNow adds to the rolled-back task a note indicating that it was rolled back and why.
    Note: Rolling back rolls back all intermediate tasks within the execution plan. Other plans within the same request are not rolled back, however.