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Create a category

Create a category

Administrators and catalog administrators can create or edit a category.

About this task

To create or edit a category:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Maintain Categories.
    A list of existing categories appears. If the Parent field is blank, the category does not have a parent category.
  2. Click New or select the category to edit.
    Service Catalog Maintain Categories
  3. Group the Service Details form with one of the following options.
    Group by the type of change from the baseline. Select Change Type from the list.
    Group by the class of the CI. Select Class from the list.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Name of form
    Field Description
    Title The descriptive name for the category.
    Parent Any parent category for which this category is a subcategory.
    Catalog The catalog this category belongs to.
    Active A check box for indicating whether the category is available to add to the service catalog homepage.
    Location Any location information relevant for the category.
    Header icon The icon displayed beside the category header, when the category is a top-level category.
    Icon The small icon displayed beside the category name, when the category is listed as a subcategory.
    Roles Roles permitted to view this category. Leave the field blank, or use the role public, to allow access for all users. Category-level access restrictions may be overridden by restrictions on the individual items within that category.
    Description Information about the category. The description appears when the category is collapsed on the service catalog homepage. The description also appears in the Related Categories list when a user clicks the parent category title.
    Homepage image A larger image to display with the category on the service catalog homepage. This is visible only if the relevant renderer defines it to be used (the default renderer does not display this).
    Mobile Subcategory Render Type The rendering option to control how subcategories are displayed. Select List for a single-column list, or Cards for a multi-column display.
    Hide description (mobile browsing) Option for displaying the description at the top of the list on mobile devices.
    Mobile Picture A picture to use on mobile devices for this category. If a mobile image is not selected, the Homepage image appears if the Mobile Subcategory Render Type is set to Cards.