Variable attributes

Some service catalog variables support specific attributes.

In the catalog variable form, attributes are entered in the Variable attributes field. You can enter multiple attributes for a variable type by separating each with a comma.

Note: If you do not see the Variable attributes field, then enable the Show attributes when Type is One of Certain Values UI policy.
Lookup multiple choice, Lookup select box
  • ref_qual_elements: A list of fields to be sent back to the server to get an updated reference.
  • ref_auto_completer: Specifies the name of a JavaScript class (client-side) that creates the list for auto completion choices.
  • ref_ac_columns: Specifies the columns whose display values appear in an auto completion list in addition to the name.
  • ref_ac_order_by: Specifies the column that is used to order the auto completion list.
Single-line text, Wide single-line text
  • max_length: Sets the maximum character length. For example, max_length=200. The maximum value for max_length is 4000.
Attention: Attribute behavior is specific to the service catalog.