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Upgrade to multiple service catalogs

Upgrade to multiple service catalogs

Administrators and catalog administrators must consider these points before they upgrade to multiple service catalogs.

Before upgrading, you should be aware of changes made to the underlying service catalog data model. These changes are made to implement multiple catalogs and should not affect a standard upgrade. However, the changes may impact the instance if you have made customizations, such as changes to the data model.

The following tables are provided with multiple service catalogs:

Table 1. Tables provided with multiple service catalogs
Table [name] Description
Catalog Site [sc_catalog_site] Associates catalogs to sites.
Catalog Portal Page [sc_catalog_view_mtom] Links catalogs to CMS portal pages. Defines the default catalog to portal page combination used by default links.
Catalog Items Catalog [sc_cat_item_catalog] Stores the catalogs an item is available in.
Catalog Item Category [sc_cat_item_category] Stores the categories an item is available in.