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Catalog lookup definition fields

Catalog lookup definition fields

Table 1. catalog data lookup definitins fields
Field Description
Name Enter a unique name to identify the definition record.
Applies to Select what the data lookup rule should apply to: a catalog item or a variable set.
Catalog item/Variable Set Select the catalog item or variable set to which the data lookup rule should apply.
Matcher Table

Select the table containing the lookup values. This table normally begins with a u_ prefix.

Note: The list shows only tables and database views that are in the same scope as the catalog data lookup definition.
Active Select this check box to run this catalog data lookup rule. Clear the check box to ignore this catalog data lookup rule.
Run on form change

Select this check box to automatically look up values whenever a user changes a variable value on a catalog item or form. This is the only supported method for catalog data lookup rules.

Note: This does not include changes automatically made by other data lookup rules, such as the priority lookup rules.