Set up a record producer

To enter data with a record producer, use any combination of the following methods:
  • Create a variable on the record producer with the same name as the field in the target record. For example, a variable named caller_id on a Create a New Incident record producer populates the caller_id field on the new incident record. Use a variable type that corresponds to the field type.
  • Define a template to assign a static field value for all records created by the record producer.
  • Define a script that uses any variable or server-side objects and functions to assign values.
    • Use current.*FIELD_NAME* to reference fields on the record being created.
    • Use producer.*VARIABLE_NAME* to reference values entered by the end user.

Redirect After Submitting a Record Producer

To redirect an end user to a particular page after the record producer is submitted, define the redirect link in the Script field using producer.redirect. For example, the following code redirects users to their homepage after the record producer is submitted: