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User criteria migration

User criteria migration

Service catalog user criteria records provide access control for service catalog items and categories.

You may need to migrate your access controls to use user criteria. The user criteria feature is automatically enabled for new instances. If you upgrade your instance, a script runs to determine current access control usage.
  • If your instance does not use entitlement-based access controls, the user criteria feature is automatically enabled.
  • If your instance does use entitlements, the user criteria feature is not enabled. If you want to use user criteria, use the procedure described on this page to migrate your access controls from entitlements to user criteria.

Migrate to user criteria to provide more reuse, control, and flexibility compared to entitlements.

For example, you can use a single criteria record to make multiple catalog items available to only users who meet all these requirements:

  • Are located in EMEA or APAC
  • Belong to ACER
  • Are in the Training department