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Receive an asset

Receive an asset

When assets are received and delivered to a stockroom, they are added to the system.

Before you begin

Role required: procurement_admin or procurement_user


  1. Navigate to Procurement > Orders > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select a purchase order with a Status of Ordered.
  3. Click Receive.
    The Receive Purchase Order dialog box opens and the product model that was ordered is listed.
  4. Select the Received check box for any line item you are receiving.
  5. (Optional) Edit the Stockroom if the items arrived at a different stockroom than the one specified on the purchase order.
  6. (Optional) Edit the Qty Received if the number of items delivered does not match the number ordered. Enter an integer greater than zero.
  7. (Optional) Edit the Unit Cost if the price changed between the time the item was ordered and the time it arrived at the stockroom. Enter a number; the number can include decimals.
  8. (Optional) Select the Reserve check box to reserve an item for the user specified in the For User field. The check box is read-only for consumable assets, which cannot be reserved.
    When a reserved item is received, the State and Substate fields on the corresponding asset record are automatically set to In stock and Reserved, respectively. If the Reserve check box is not selected for an item, the State and Substate fields on the corresponding asset record are set to In stock and Available.
  9. (Optional) In the For User field, select the user for whom the item was ordered. If a name was specified in the Requested for field on the Purchase order line item form, the name is added to this field automatically but can be changed.
    The Product and Part# columns are automatically filled in based on the product model record.
  10. (Optional) Select the Allow Asset Tag Input check box to display the asset tag and serial number fields. The fields are not displayed for consumable assets. If the asset already has an asset tag or serial number, the numbers are automatically added to the fields. If you change the asset tag or serial number in the dialog box, the new values are saved in the asset record.
  11. Click OK.
    A receiving slip is automatically created and can be viewed in the Receiving Slips related list. If items on a purchase order are received at different times, a new receiving slip is created each time any item on the purchase order is received. For example, if 30 laptop computers were ordered and arrived in three separate shipments, three receiving slips are created.

    An asset record is automatically created for each item if an asset was not created prior to receiving the item.