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Create a transfer order from a request

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Create a transfer order from a request

You can create a transfer order directly from a request to source items from stockrooms.

Before you begin

Role required: procurement_admin or procurement_user

About this task

When an item is sourced with a transfer order, the system automatically looks for an existing transfer order to which the new order can be added. When transfer orders are combined, items can be received more quickly and efficiently. Transfer orders created in the Procurement application are not merged or combined with transfer orders created from other applications, like in Work Management.

For a new request to merge with an existing transfer order, the existing transfer order must have the following characteristics:

  • Was created in the Procurement application
  • Has the state set to Draft
  • Has the same Type value as the new request. Configure the transfer order record to add the Type field.
  • Has the same From Stockroom value as the new request
  • Has the same Destination Stockroom value as the new request


  1. Navigate to Procurement > Requests > Requests.
  2. Click the request Number of a request that has been approved but not sourced.
    Check the Request State and Sourced columns.
  3. In the Catalog Tasks related list, click a Number.
  4. Click Source Request.
  5. In Destination Stockroom, select the stockroom to which the requested item or items should be delivered.
  6. In From Stockroom for each item, select a stockroom from which the item should be sourced.
    Select a stockroom
  7. Click OK.
    A transfer order is created to move the item or items from the From Stockroom location to the Destination Stockroom location. When you view the request, the Sourced check box is selected.