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Attach configuration items to an incident

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Attach configuration items to an incident

To aid in the incident management process, attach as much information as possible to the incident.

The service desk often deals with an incident related to one or more specific configuration items (CIs). If the configuration management team has populated the CMDB, the CI records may hold valuable information for the incident management team. You can associate configuration items to an incident to see how the incident affects other CIs with dependent relationships.

Associate configuration items to incidents

To associate configuration items to incidents from the Incident form, use either:
  • The Configuration Item reference field.
  • The Affected CI's related list.

Use the Configuration Item field when there is a single, primary CI that is the cause of the incident, and the Affected CI's related list when multiple CIs are affected by the incident. For example, suppose a load-balancer in a data center is no longer operational. The Configuration Item field might have the specific server which has run out of memory, while the Affected CI related list contains the load-balancer, the data center, the servers which depend on that load-balancer, and business services that are impacted by the missing server.

These CIs can be associated manually using the fields, or can be attached using dependency views.