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Installed with Expense Line

Installed with Expense Line

Various components, such as tables, script includes, and client scripts, are installed with Expense Line.

Demo data is available with Expense Lines. The demo data provides expense lines with associated source IDs, costs, processing dates, and states.


Display name [Table name] Description
Expense Line [fm_expense_line] Stores information about expense lines, including a link to the associated rate card. Contains the status and next scheduled processing date for the expense line.

Script includes

Display name Description
ExpenseLine Helps create new expense line records.
ExpenseManagementUtils Provides utilities for financial management modules.
ExpenseManagementUtilsAJAX Provides AJAX utilities for expense lines.

Client scripts

Display name [Table name] Definition
Populate sources if inherited [fm_expense_line] Copies the source fields of the parent expense line to the current line on the Expense Line record if an expense line is inherited.
Populate source fields from asset [fm_expense_line] Updates related source fields on the Expense Line record if the source asset changes. For example, if the asset source field changes, the configuration item source field is updated, as well.
Populate source fields from ci [fm_expense_line] Updates related source fields if the source configuration item changes on the Expense Line record.
Populate source fields from contract [fm_expense_line] Updates related source fields if the source contract changes on the Expense Line record.
Populate source fields from task [fm_expense_line] Updates related source fields if the source task changes on the Expense Line record.

UI policies

Display name [Table name] Description
Hide cost source if empty [fm_expense_line] Hides cost source if there are no keywords.
Make sources read only if inherited [fm_expense_line] Makes any sources (asset, user, task, cost_center, ci, source_id, or contract) on an inherited expense line read-only.
Hide parent if not inherited [fm_expense_line] Hides the parent field if the expense line is not inherited.

Business rules

Display name [Table name] Description
Create Expense Line [alm_asset] Automatically creates an expense line for a new asset based on asset cost unless the asset is a merged software license.
Set source allocation fields [fm_expense_line] Sets the related source fields when the source ID changes. For example, when an asset becomes the source ID, the asset source field and configuration item source field are automatically populated.
Source ID check [fm_expense_line] Determines whether a source ID is provided.
Update Costs [alm_consumable] Updates a consumable's cost when quantity is reduced.

User roles

Role Contains roles Description
Financial Admin (financial_mgmt_admin) Financial User Can create, write, and delete allocation units, fixed assets, depreciation, rate cards, distribution costs, expense lines, and expense allocations.
Financial User (financial_mgmt_user) none Can read allocation units and expense allocations. Can create, read, and write rate cards and expense lines. Can create, read, write, and delete fixed assets, depreciation, distribution costs.