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Create a containment rule

Create a containment rule

Create a containment rule to describe which CIs are contained by a given CI. Containment rules help identify dependent CIs correctly during the business discovery process and service mapping. Discovery calls the identification API that applies business metadata rules.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

When you create a containment rule, the first CI type that you add becomes the top level CI of a containment rules group which is a chain of containment rules. The entire set of containment rules is organized as groups according to top-level CIs.

To create a containment rules group for a new CI type, first add the CI type as CI Type1 of the relationship. To add a child containment rule for a CI type that exists, select that CI type and define the second portion of the relationship rule. This portion is the relationship type and CI Type2.

To each rule within a containment rules group, you can add inbound or outbound endpoints, which are noted by blue up and down arrows. After you add an endpoint to a containment rule, you cannot add child rules for that rule.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > Metadata Rules Editor.
  2. In the Containment Rules section, click Add New Rule.
  3. In the Add Top-Level Containment Rule dialog box, select the CI type that you want to be the root CI type for this group of containment rules.
  4. To add a child rule for a containment rule:
    1. Point to the containment rule and then click the green plus icon that appears.
    2. In the Add Containment Rule to dialog box, fill in the fields.
      Field Description
      Configuration Item Type The CI for the rule.
      Relationship Type The relationship type for the rule.
      Reverse Relationship Direction A check box to use the reverse relationship in the rule.
    3. Click Create.
  5. To add an endpoint to a child rule:
    1. Point to the child rule and click the blue plus icon that appears.
    2. In the Add Endpoint to dialog box, fill in the fields.
      Field Description
      Endpoint Type The type of endpoint.
      Inbound or Outbound The direction of the endpoint.
    3. Click Create.