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Enterprise CMDB

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Enterprise CMDB

The Enterprise Configuration Management Database (ECMDB) is targeted toward businesses that want to monitor, manage, measure, track, alert on change, and generally understand business systems that consist of a large number of components, business, and support personnel.

For example, a bond trading service may have multiple application, and web servers, several databases, Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers. There will be security products, network storage, disaster recovery procedures and hardware, etc. that are necessary for the service to operate properly.

The ECMDB makes it easy to either manually enter the relationships or have them populated automatically by discovery tools. In addition to the hardware, software, network, database, and storage areas, it is beneficial to know which individuals or groups are responsible for the service from both a business perspective as well as an IT perspective. Who are the line of business users and managers? Who starts and stops the application or its components? Who monitors the log files? Who is in charge of backup and restore, business continuity, and disaster recovery?