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Add change state tutorial: create a new ACL

Add change state tutorial: create a new ACL

You must create a new ACL to prevent the Needs review field being modified after it has been set.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The newly created UI Policy makes the Needs review field mandatory when a change request reaches the new Complete state.

The subsequent configuration of the state model ensures that a user must enter a value in the Needs review field before the change request can be saved in the Complete state. To prevent the value being changed in the Needs review field once it has been set, a new access control level record (ACL) is required to make the field read only.

To create an ACL:


  1. Open the Change Request form.
  2. Right click on the form header and go to Configure > Security Controls.
  3. Enter the following values in the Access control form.
    Field Values
    Type Set to Record.
    Operation Set to Write.
    Name (first part) Select Change Request.
    Name (second part) Select Needs review.
    Condition Add the condition State is Implement.
  4. Click Submit to create ACL.