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Associate multiple CIs to a change request

Associate multiple CIs to a change request

You can associate multiple impacted or affected CIs to a single change request.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, change manager

About this task

When you create a change request, you can add multiple CIs to that change request using the Affected CIs or Impacted Services/CIs related lists in the change record.


  1. Navigate to Change > Open and select a change request record.
  2. In either the Affected CIs or Impacted Services/CIs related list, click Add.
    Add CIs
  3. Select the appropriate CIs from the list of CIs displayed in the Configuration Class pop-up window.
    Select CIs
    • When you first access the change request, all CIs across all CI classes display.
    • When you access the change request from the second time onwards, the configuration class of CIs displays the last added CI class. This ensures that relevant CIs are displayed.
    Note: You can change the configuration class manually, which filters the list of CIs and therefore narrows the selection of CIs. For example, to filter for servers only, select Server. You can also save any filters you create to provide faster access to common CI searches.
  4. You can perform one of the following actions to add selected CIs.
    • Click Add Selected to add the selected CIs to the change request.
    • Click Add All to add all of the CIs in the list to the change request.
    The selected CIs are added to the change request.