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Copy a change request

Copy a change request

You can copy details of an existing change record to a new change record.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or change manager

About this task

The ability to copy a change enables you to:
  • Configure the content that is copied.
  • Copy the configured attributes, and reset all non-copied attributes to default values.
  • Copy the configured related tables.
Note: You cannot copy change details from a standard change.

New change tasks may be created when a change is copied. If your change record has associated workflows that create change tasks, then these change tasks may not be copied because they are created by the workflows. Only manually created tasks are copied, if the workflow when creating the task sets the created_from field on the change_task table to workflow. The created_from field has a default value of manual.


  1. Navigate to the change request to be copied.
  2. Use the Copy Change button on the change request form to copy change details.
    A preview of the new change record appears with values from the original source change record.
  3. Edit values on the newly created change record, as appropriate.
  4. Click Save to save and create a new change request record.
    Note: If you click Cancel, the copied change request record is cancelled and no new record is created.

What to do next

After an existing change request is copied and a new one created, it is sent for processing to the change manager. The change manager then reviews, approves, implements, and closes the change request as necessary.

In addition, you can associate CIs to the newly created change request.