Activate change risk assessment

You can activate the Change Management - Risk Assessment plugin (com.snc.change.risk_assessment) if you have the admin role. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Change Management - Risk Assessment activates these related plugins if they are not already active.
Table 1. Plugins for Change Management - Risk Assessment
Plugin Description
Assessment Components


Provides the core components required for legacy surveys.
Best Practice - Change Risk Calculator


Provides simple risk and impact calculations for change management.
Best Practice - Task Survey Management


Provides survey functionality including triggering survey requests based on task conditions and linking survey responses to the task that generated the survey.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Right-click the plugin name on the list and select Activate/Upgrade.

    If the plugin depends on other plugins, these plugins are listed along with their activation status.

  3. (Optional) If available, select the Load demo data check box.

    Some plugins include demo data—sample records that are designed to illustrate plugin features for common use cases. Loading demo data is a good policy when you first activate the plugin on a development or test instance. You can load demo data after the plugin is activated by repeating this process and selecting the check box.

  4. Click Activate.

What to do next

You can define risk assessment conditions for change requests.