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Standard change catalog

Standard change catalog

Standard change catalog supports the standard change process by storing all the changes that have been approved by Change Management as standard changes.

Standard changes are pre-approved, low risk changes with a proven history of success. They are logically grouped under specific categories.

Change Management controls which changes become available in the catalog through a proposal process within the standard change catalog.

You must have the Service Catalog change requesters itil role to view the list of available standard changes and raise the appropriate one from the same.

This video demonstrates how standard change catalog works and how it enables change managers to manage change requests effectively.

Standard change catalog enables you to perform the following:

Create standard change proposals

You can create and modify standard change proposals. You can also filter criteria to view proposals in various states of progression. You can view the details of every proposal when you click on a record.

View usage statistics of standard change templates

You can view the usage statistics of a particular template in theStatistics section. You can view the number of times change requests have been raised using the standard change template on a monthly basis, the number of times the change requests have been successful and unsuccessful.

These statistics enable you to make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness of the standard change template and decide if they needs modification or retiring.

View version history of standard change templates

You can view the history of a particular template in theVersions related list. You can view all the versions associated with this template also view the information and statistics related to that specific version.

This history enables you to view how the template has evolved over time and the significant changes that have been made.

Request pre-approved standard changes

Raising a standard change from a standard change template ensures that pre-approved information is automatically filled into the necessary fields enabling you to raise changes faster and expediting the fulfilment of the standard change.

Determine access to standard change templates at user level

Standard change templates are logically grouped under specific categories. These categories are displayed to users based on user criteria such as user role, geographical location, and department.