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Transfer assets using transfer orders

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Transfer assets using transfer orders

The steps below explain how to create a transfer order and move it from Draft status to Received.

About this task

For a more detailed look at the process, see Move an asset through the transfer process.


  1. Create a transfer order by navigating to Inventory Management > Transfer Orders > Create Transfer Order.
  2. Enter a From Stockroom and To Stockroom.
    Note: If you select the same stockroom for both fields, the transfer order automatically moves from Draft to Received as soon as a transfer order line is added.
  3. Enter a Delivery by date.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Select the transfer order.
  6. Next to Transfer Order Lines, click New.
  7. Select a Model.
  8. If the model is a consumable, specify a Quantity.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. If necessary add more transfer order lines.
  11. When finished adding assets to transfer, click Ready for fulfillment on the transfer order.
  12. Click Prepare for shipment.
    Note: Alternatively, prepare assets for shipment by selecting individual transfer order lines and clicking Prepare for shipment.
  13. Click Ship.
    Note: Alternatively, ship assets by selecting individual transfer order lines and clicking Ship.
  14. Select each individual transfer order line number and click Receive.
    Note: Assets can only be received individually on the transfer order line level, not at the transfer order level.
    All transfer order lines and the transfer order are marked Received.