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Return items received in a transfer order

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Return items received in a transfer order

If a transfer order is received, but there is a problem with all or some of the items, do a transfer order return.

About this task

Items must be received before they can be returned.


  1. Check the item status to ensure it has been received by navigating to Inventory Management > Transfer Orders > Transfer Order Returns.
  2. Navigate to Inventory Management > Transfer Orders > Transfer Orders.
  3. Select a transfer order that is in the Received stage.
  4. Click the transfer order line Number of the item to return.
  5. Click Return.
  6. Enter a Quantity to return.
  7. Enter a reason for the return.
  8. Select the Defective check box to return items that are broken.

    Defective items are returned to the stockroom from which they were delivered, but are not added to available stock. Instead, they are tracked in the separate category named "Defective" so they cannot be requested or transferred again.

    Returned items
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Update.

    A new transfer order line is automatically created.

    New transfer order line

    A new corresponding parent transfer order is also automatically created with the new transfer order line on it.

  11. If you are returning a consumable, navigate to the transfer order line record and click the model name to open the model record.

    The model record shows which stockrooms contain the model. The one defective model is listed.

    Defective model listed
    Note: The defective model is still at the stockroom to which it was delivered. The defective model needs to be transferred back to the stockroom where it originated.
  12. Move the new transfer order through the regular transfer order process.

    Items are automatically returned to the stockroom from which they were delivered. A transfer order line item that has been returned cannot be delivered at a later time.

    Automatically returned to stockroom

    If you return another defective model from the same, original order, the two defective returns are merged into one line item.

    Defective returns merged