Stockroom types

Stockroom types are categories of stockrooms.

The stockroom type has two significant characteristics.
  • Priority: indicates the order of stockrooms the parts should be sourced from. For example, if a personal stockroom (priority 2) contains the required part, the personal stockroom receives priority over the Central Stockroom (priority 7) because the part in the personal stockroom does not require delivery.
  • Shipment Required: informs the system if a transfer order needs to be created when the part is sourced from a stockroom of the given type. For example, a part in a personal stockroom does not require shipment, so no transfer order is needed.
Table 1. Stockroom types defined in the base system
Value Name Priority Shipment Required Description Comment
on_site On Site 1 False Stockroom at the customer site. Close to the users and does not require shipping.
field_agent Field Agent 2 False Virtual, personal stockroom linked with a field service agent (FSA) directly, used for delivery. Mainly used to indicate to the system that the part has been delivered and is with the FSA.
fsl FSL 4 True Forward Shipping Location. Small stockrooms where the parts can typically be shipped via overnight delivery.
pudo PUDO 5 True Pick Up/Drop out location. This type is sometimes called a by-box. Can be a postal box that can receive new and returned parts. Often in close proximity to major customer sites.
stockroom Stockroom 6 True A regional stockroom.
central_stockroom Central Stockroom 7 True A central stockroom, usually a big facility from which most parts are shipped.