Business rules installed with Model Management

Model Management uses a number of business rules.

Name Table Description
Abort action if no license type [cmdb_software_product_model] Ensures that a license type (not a license type group that cannot be handled by counters) has been selected.
Calculate display_name Product Model [cmdb_model] Sets the Display name field when any of the following field values change: Manufacturer, Name, Version, Edition. The display name differs depending on whether the glide.cmdb_model.display_name.shorten property is set to true or false.
Date validation [cmdb_m2m_downgrade_model] Ensures that the Start date is before the End date.
Enforce CI Rules [cmdb_model_category] Ensures that categories that track assets as consumables or software licenses do not have a CI class.
Flag parent as bundle on creation [cmdb_m2m_model_component] Flags a model that has components as a bundle.
License Type - Fullname [cmdb_sw_license_calculation] Computes the full name of the license type.
License validation Software Upgrade and Downgrades [cmdb_m2m_downgrade_model] Prevents software upgrades and downgrades from being duplicated and prevents having duplicate upgrades and downgrades for the same license where duplication also involves having the same dates. Also ensures that both the Upgrade parent and Downgrade child fields are mandatory and that if the License field is not empty, either Upgrade parent or Downgrade child must be equal to the license.model.
Protect cmdb_ci_class [cmdb_model_category] Prevents CI class from being changed after creation.
Protect cmdb_ci_class on insert [cmdb_model_category] Prevents creation of a category if another category already exists for the chosen CI class.
Protect Contract [cmdb_model_category] Prevents changes to the Contract model category record.
Set parent's main component link [cmdb_m2m_model_component] Populates a read-only reference from the bundle to the component when a bundle component is selected as the main component.
Unflag parent on last delete [cmdb_m2m_model_component] Removes the bundle flag from a model when the last component is deleted from the bundle.
Update model category [cmdb_ci] Updates the model categories for the associated model if the model is not already associated with the CI's model category.
Validate record before creation [cmdb_m2m_model_component] Ensures that a component is not already in a bundle when an attempt is made to add the component to a bundle.