Installed with Software Asset Management plugin IBM PVU Process Pack

The following tables, fields, script includes, and business rules are installed with the Software Asset Management plugin IBM PVU process pack.


Table Description
Processor Definition [cmdb_processor_definition] Each row in this table describes a computer in terms of the attributes IBM uses for its PVU licensing model. A row can be associated with one or more (if they are all identical in terms of the attributes used for PVU licensing) discovered computers.

Script includes

Name Description
ProcessorDefinitionsUtils Contains utilities for managing the Processor Definition [cmdb_processor_definition] table.
ProcessorValueUnitsUtils Contains logic that determines the IBM PVU pricing associated with a given processor.

Business Rules

Name Description
One and only one default mapping [sam_ibm_pvu_mapping] Ensures only one default mapping by resetting the last resort flag for modified records and setting it to false for new records.