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Create a custom verification type

Create a custom verification type

If the verification types in the base system do not meet your needs, you can create a custom verification type.

Before you begin

Review the verification types that are provided in the base system to determine whether you need to create a custom verification type. Then review the verification type components that you will need to develop.

Role required: password_reset_admin or admin


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Extensions > Verification Types.
  2. Click New, enter a unique and meaningful Name and Description, and then fill in the form.

Field Value
Enrollment check Script to check whether a user is enrolled for verification. Automatic enrollment requires an enrollment check. If no script is specified when Automatic Enrollment is selected, a default script is provided.
Automatic enrollment Indicator for whether users are auto-enrolled. If this is not selected, an enrollment UI macro and enrollment processor script must be provided.
Enrollment UI Enrollment UI macro that provides the UI for the enrollment.
Enrollment processor Enrollment processor script that processes the enrollment.
Verification UI Verification UI macro that provides the UI for the verification.
Verification processor Verification processor script (extension scripts) that processes the verification.

  1. Click Submit.