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Unblock a user whose password was reset by Service Desk

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Unblock a user whose password was reset by Service Desk

When a user's password is reset by Service Desk, the Blocked status is not reset. You must reset it manually to unblock the user.

Before you begin

Role required: password_reset_admin or password_reset_service_desk

About this task

A user can be blocked (not allowed to use the Password Reset application) if the user is manually banned or flagged as exceeding max attempts. When the password reset request is made through self-service, the user is unblocked when the password is successfully reset.

In contrast, Service Desk users are allowed any number of retries; max_attempt_reached does not apply, and the Blocked status for the user is not reset after the password is reset. As a result, after you successfully reset a requester's password, the you must manually unblock the user.

If the user is not unblocked manually, then the system resets the blocked state only when the max_attempt_window time period elapses and the user tries to reset the password using self-service.


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Blocked Users.
  2. Change the Blocked setting for the user from true to false.