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Reset a password

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Reset a password

This example shows how service desk employees can reset passwords using email verification with the unlock user account feature enabled.

Before you begin

Role required: password_reset_admin or password_reset_service_desk


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Service Desk.
  2. Select a user and the password reset process to use.
  3. Click Verify Identity.
  4. On the Verify Identity form, enter the answers that the user provides and then click Continue.
    If the user's identity is verified, the Reset Password form appears with the status for the user, including whether they were successfully verified and their current account lock state.
  5. Perform one of the following actions.
    • If the user is not locked, the form displays the Reset password button. Enter the new password and click Reset password.
    • If the user is locked, the form displays the Reset password and Unlock account buttons. You can enter a new password and click Reset password to reset the password and unlock the account. If the Enable account unlock check box is selected for the password process, you can unlock the account without resetting the password by clicking Unlock account.