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Create a verification based on a verification type

Create a verification based on a verification type

You can create a verification based on a verification type (a template) .

  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Extensions > Verification Types.
  2. Click New, enter a unique and meaningful Name and Description, and then fill in the form.

Table 1. Password Reset Verification form
Field Description
Type Create new verifications based on one of the verification types in the base system.
  • Personal Data Confirmation Verification
  • Personal Data Verification
  • Security Question Verification
  • SMS Code Verification
Order Position of the verification as it appears on the Enrollment form and Password Reset form.
Password Reset Verification Parameters Parameters used by a verification to configure specific behaviors, like number of questions required to enroll, request expiration time, and columns used. Set parameters for any behavior that should be different from the default specified in the Password Reset Properties.

The available parameters are described separately for each verification type.

  1. Click Submit.
  2. Each verification type has properties that control the user experience. Review the property settings and make changes as needed.