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UI macros and UI scripts installed with Password Reset

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UI macros and UI scripts installed with Password Reset

Password Reset plugin adds the following UI macros.

Name Description
pwd_enrollment_form_title A Jelly macro function that prints the title for the enrollment form. A verification ID is mandatory.
pwd_enroll_questions_ui A UI for question and answer security validation enrollment.
pwd_enroll_questions_ui_js JavaScript code that requires server-side data for security question and answer enrollment.
pwd_enroll_sample_ui A sample UI macro for enrollment for Mock Verification Type.
pwd_enroll_sms_ui A UI for SMS verification enrollment.
pwd_verify_personal_data_confirmation_ui A UI for verifying personal data confirmation.
pwd_verify_personal_data_ui A UI for verifying personal data.
pwd_verify_questions_ui A UI for verifying questions.
pwd_verify_simple_ui An input section for a simple verification method. This is a single input field.
pwd_verify_sms_ui A UI for SMS verification.

UI scripts installed with Password Reset

Several UI scripts are also installed, which can be referenced from a UI macro.

You can create a UI script and reference the script from a UI macro or UI page by using a <g:include_script> Jelly tag. For example, the following shows how the pwd_enroll_questions_ui script can be referenced by the pwd_enroll_questions_ui UI macro, where [UI Script Name]+".jsdbx" is the name of the script:

<g:include_script src="pwd_enroll_questions_ui.jsdbx" />

By referencing an external script, you can maintain separation between client JavaScript code and Jelly code, which simplifies maintenance. The following are installed scripts that you can use with password reset UI macros.

Name Description
pwdWfManager A helper class to handle workflow activities and post-processing.
pwd_csrf_common_ui_script A common UI script for handling a Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF).
pwd_enrollment_submit_event A UI script for an enrollment submit event.
pwd_enroll_questions_ui JavaScript code for the pwd_enroll_questions_ui UI macro.
pwd_enroll_sample_ui Included sample client JavaScript for the pwd_enroll_sample_ui UI macro.
pwd_enroll_sms_ui An SMS enrollment UI script.