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Customize the Password Reset process: Scripting

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Customize the Password Reset process: Scripting

Password reset scripting enables you to customize password reset by creating your own credential store, verification, and identification types, and extend them by defining extension scripts.

Password reset scripting is available to users with the password_reset_admin role. The easiest way to customize password reset is:

  1. Create your custom types and scripts
  2. Follow the configuration steps described in Configure your Password Reset or Password Change process
  3. Select the new types that you created. You can customize the following components:
    • Credential store types: Define new types for how to connect to your credential stores by creating custom workflows for connection and testing.
    • Verification types: Define new types for how users are verified.
    • Identification types: Define new types for how users can identify themselves.

Extension script

Extension scripts allow you to extend password reset functionality by defining custom scripts that can be used in a credential store, verification, or identification type, or as a post-processor in a process. Extension scripts are predefined hooks within the Password Reset application that perform specific types of behavior defined by the extension category, which refers to where the script will be used.

For information about how to define extension scripts, see Extension scripts.